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A Call To *ALL* Translators

Salam All,
I'm so sorry to say that, but I have a VERY BIG BLAME
to the translators who were working with us on KDE

Anyway I just like to say to the ones who completely
left us that Moe, Nadim, Isam & I can't do all the
Mohammed El-Zubeir is busy with Arabic ViM & other
Arabeyes-related issues.(Good Work ;) )

Nadim Shaikli is busy with QaMoose (Good Work too ;) )

So the only  ones who are not busy with anything in
this project except in KDE Translation are Isam & I
(of course with help form Mohammed El-Zubeir & Nadim
Shaikli, we really appreciate it :) )

But where are the active people who were working,
where is Majid, Mohammed Halabi, Mohammed Yousif, &
Ammer Al-Sabbagh?