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Two Files.....in kdeadmin

Alsamo Alko ,

I very sorry for not help in that peroid and the comming ,bcz i work in my graduated project ,but i will read yours emails ,daily.

And i will begin to help you again after i finished from my project at 1/12/2000.
That the two files i had work on it,but i try to do my best in other files in that folder as i have free time in that peroid.

Sorry Guys.

Ayman M. Galal

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# Copyright (C) YEAR Free Software Foundation, Inc.
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2001-05-24 02:12+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2001-09-29 09:36+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Ayman M. Galal <ayman_m_galal at hotmail dot com>\n"
"Language-Team: Arabic <LL at li dot org>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"

#: main.cpp:9
msgid "What does this do?"
msgstr ""

#: pamview.cpp:27
msgid "Available Services"
msgstr "الخدمات المتاحة"

#: pamview.cpp:34
msgid "Category"
msgstr "المجمـــوعــة"

#: pamview.cpp:35
msgid "Level"
msgstr "المستوى"

#: pamview.cpp:36
msgid "Module"
msgstr "النـمــوذج"

#: pamview.cpp:58
msgid ""
"/etc/pam.d directory does not exist.\n"
"Either your system does not have PAM support\n"
"or there is some other configuration problem."
msgstr ""
" /etc/pam.d غير موجود\n  "
" اما ان  نظامك لا يدعم\n"
"او ان هناك مشكلة فى الاعداد"
# Copyright (C) 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# Ayman M. Galal <ayman_m_galal at hotmail dot com>, 2001.
#, fuzzy
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: PACKAGE VERSION\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2001-07-16 18:19+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2001-10-03 11:36+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Ayman M. Galal <ayman_m_galal at hotmail dot com>\n"
"Language-Team: Arabic <LL at li dot org>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; UTF-8=CHARSET\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bits\n"

#: rc.cpp:1
msgid "&User"
msgstr "م&ســتخد م"

#: rc.cpp:2
msgid "&Group"
msgstr "مــج&موعــة"

#: mainWidget.cpp:28
msgid "Ready"
msgstr "جــاهــز"

#: mainWidget.cpp:48 mainWidget.cpp:62
msgid "&Add..."
msgstr "أض&ــافــة"

#: mainWidget.cpp:51 mainWidget.cpp:65
msgid "&Edit..."
msgstr "ت&عــديل"

#: mainWidget.cpp:55 mainWidget.cpp:69
msgid "&Delete..."
msgstr "أز&الـــة"

#: mainWidget.cpp:59
msgid "&Set password..."
msgstr "ض&ـع كــــلمة الســر"

#: editGroup.cpp:22
msgid "Group properties"
msgstr "خصــائص المجــــموعة"

#: editGroup.cpp:30
msgid "Users in Group '%1':"
msgstr "مســـتخد مين فــى المـجمــــــوعة "%1""

#: editGroup.cpp:31
msgid "Select the users that should be in this group."
msgstr "اختر المستخد مين لهذ ة المجمـــوعة"

#: kuservw.cpp:63
msgid "UID"
msgstr "UID=الرقــم الكـــودى للمستخدم"

#: kuservw.cpp:65
msgid "User login"
msgstr "دخـــول المستخد م"

#: kuservw.cpp:66
msgid "Full name"
msgstr "الأســم بالكـــامل"

#: kgroupvw.cpp:62
msgid "GID"
msgstr "GID=الرقــم الكــودى للمجمـــوعة"

#: kgroupvw.cpp:64
msgid "Group name"
msgstr "اســـم المجمـــــوعة"

#: kuser.cpp:454
msgid ""
"KUser Sources were not configured.\n"
"Local passwd source set to %1\n"
"Local group source set to %2\n"
msgstr ""

#: kgroup.cpp:146 kuser.cpp:468
msgid ""
"stat call on file %1 failed: %2\n"
"Check KUser Settings (Sources)\n"
msgstr ""

#: kgroup.cpp:173 kuser.cpp:495
msgid "Error opening %1 for reading"
msgstr "خــطأفتــح %1 للقـــــراءة"

#: kuser.cpp:579
msgid ""
"No /etc/passwd entry for %1.\n"
"Entry will be removed at the next `Save'-operation."
msgstr ""

#: kgroup.cpp:274 kgroup.cpp:279 kuser.cpp:713 kuser.cpp:718 kuser.cpp:857
msgid "Error opening %1 for writing"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:808
msgid ""
"Unable to process NIS passwd file without a minimum UID specified.\n"
"Please update KUser Settings (Sources)"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:813
msgid ""
"Specifying NIS minimum UID requires NIS file(s).\n"
"Please update KUser Settings (Sources)"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:821
msgid "Unable to build password database"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:827
msgid "Unable to build password databases"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:867
#, c-format
msgid "No shadow entry for %1."
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:917
msgid "You have more than 65534 users!?!? You have run out of uid space!"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:955
msgid ""
"Cannot create home directory %1\n"
"Error: %2"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:961
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Cannot change owner of home directory\n"
"Error: %1"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:967
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Cannot change permissions on home directory\n"
"Error: %1"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1011
msgid ""
"Directory %1 already exists!\n"
"Will make %2 owner and change permissions.\n"
"Do you want to continue?"
msgstr ""

#: addUser.cpp:93 kuser.cpp:1012
msgid "&Continue"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1016 kuser.cpp:1047
msgid ""
"Cannot change owner of %1 directory\n"
"Error: %2"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1021 kuser.cpp:1052
msgid ""
"Cannot change permissions on %1 directory\n"
"Error: %2"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1027
msgid ""
"Directory %1 left 'as is'.\n"
"Verify ownership and permissions for user %2 who may not be able to log in!"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1033
msgid "%1 exists and is not a directory. User %2 will not be able to log in!"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1041
msgid ""
"Cannot create %1 directory\n"
"Error: %2"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1058
msgid ""
"stat call on %1 failed.\n"
"Error: %2"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1072
msgid "Cannot create %1: %2"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1082
msgid ""
"Cannot change owner on mailbox: %1\n"
"Error: %2"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1089
msgid ""
"Cannot change permissions on mailbox: %1\n"
"Error: %2"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1127
msgid ""
"Cannot change owner of directory %1\n"
"Error: %2"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1133
msgid ""
"Cannot change permissions on directory %1\n"
"Error: %2"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1158
msgid ""
"Cannot change owner of file %1\n"
"Error: %2"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1164
msgid ""
"Cannot change permissions on file %1\n"
"Error: %2"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1178 kuser.cpp:1184
msgid "Directory %1 does not exist"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1210
msgid ""
"Cannot remove home directory %1\n"
"Error: %2"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1215
msgid "Removal of home directory %1 failed (uid = %2, gid = %3)"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1219
msgid ""
"stat call on file %1 failed\n"
"Error: %2"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1237
msgid ""
"Cannot remove crontab %1\n"
"Error: %2"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1251
msgid ""
"Cannot remove mailbox %1\n"
"Error: %2"
msgstr ""

#: kuser.cpp:1270
msgid "Cannot fork()"
msgstr ""

#: kgroup.cpp:340
msgid ""
"Unable to process NIS group file without a minimum GID specified.\n"
"Please update KUser Settings (Sources)"
msgstr ""

#: kgroup.cpp:345
msgid ""
"Specifying NIS minimum GID requires NIS file(s).\n"
"Please update KUser Settings (Sources)"
msgstr ""

#: kgroup.cpp:352
msgid "Unable to build NIS group databases"
msgstr ""

#: kgroup.cpp:382
msgid "You have more than 65534 groups!?!? You have run out of gid space!"
msgstr ""

#: main.cpp:21
msgid "KDE User Editor"
msgstr ""

#: main.cpp:53
msgid "KUser"
msgstr ""

#: main.cpp:56
msgid "kuser author"
msgstr ""

#: main.cpp:66
msgid "Only root is allowed to manage users."
msgstr ""

#: main.cpp:78
msgid "KDE User Manager"
msgstr ""

#: mainView.cpp:37
msgid "Users"
msgstr ""

#: mainView.cpp:40 propdlg.cpp:377 propdlg.cpp:399
msgid "Groups"
msgstr ""

#: mainView.cpp:105
msgid "Do you really want to delete user '%1'?"
msgstr ""

#: mainView.cpp:139
msgid ""
"You are using private groups.\n"
"Do you want to delete the user's private group '%1'?"
msgstr "انت تستخدم مجموعات خاصة .\n"
"هل تريد الغاء مجموعة المستخد م الخاصة "%1""
#: mainView.cpp:273
msgid "Would you like to save changes?"
msgstr ""

#: mainView.cpp:274
msgid "Data was modified"
msgstr "البيانات تم تعديلها"

#: mainView.cpp:275
msgid "&Discard changes"
msgstr "الغ&اء التغيرات"

#: mainView.cpp:306
msgid "Edit defaults"
msgstr "تعديل الاعدادت التلقائية"

#: mainView.cpp:414
msgid "Do you really want to delete the group '%1'?"
msgstr "هل تريد فعلا الغاء المجموعة"%1""

#: propdlg.cpp:65 propdlg.cpp:95 propdlg.cpp:120
msgid "Never"
msgstr "مطلقا"

#: propdlg.cpp:115
msgid " days"
msgstr "الايام"

#: propdlg.cpp:143
msgid "User Properties"
msgstr "خصـائص المستخدم"

#: propdlg.cpp:168
msgid "User Info"
msgstr "بيانات المستخد م"

#: propdlg.cpp:177
msgid "User Login:"
msgstr "دخول المستخدم :"

#: propdlg.cpp:181
msgid "User Id:"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:183
msgid "Set password"
msgstr "ضع كامة السر"

#: propdlg.cpp:189
msgid "Full Name:"
msgstr "الاسم بالكامل"

#: propdlg.cpp:194 userDefaultsPage.cpp:34
msgid "<Empty>"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:217
msgid "Login Shell:"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:222
msgid "Home Directory:"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:230
msgid "Office:"
msgstr "المكتب"

#: propdlg.cpp:235
msgid "Office Phone:"
msgstr "تليفون المكتب"

#: propdlg.cpp:240
msgid "Home Phone:"
msgstr "تليفون المنزل"

#: propdlg.cpp:245
msgid "Office #1:"
msgstr "المكتب رقم 1"

#: propdlg.cpp:250
msgid "Office #2:"
msgstr "المكتب رقم 2"

#: propdlg.cpp:255
msgid "Address:"
msgstr "العنوان"

#: propdlg.cpp:263
msgid "Password Managment"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:270
msgid "Last Password Change:"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:275
msgid "Password may not be changed before"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:275 propdlg.cpp:276
msgid "after last password change."
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:276
msgid "Password expires"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:277
msgid "Issue expire warning"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:277
msgid "before password expires."
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:278
msgid "Account will be disabled"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:278
msgid "after expiration of password"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:283
msgid "Account will expire on:"
msgstr "سينتهى الحســاب فى :"

#: propdlg.cpp:290
msgid "Quota"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:295
msgid "Filesystem with quotas:"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:317
msgid "Disk space soft quota:"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:323
msgid "Disk space hard quota:"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:327
msgid "Disk space in use:"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:334 propdlg.cpp:369
msgid "Grace period:"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:352
msgid "File number soft quota:"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:358
msgid "File number hard quota:"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:362
msgid "Number of files in use:"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:383
msgid "Primary Group:"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:388
msgid "Groups user '%1' belongs to:"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:406
msgid "Login class:"
msgstr ""

#: propdlg.cpp:409
msgid "Password must be changed before:"
msgstr "كلمة السر يجب تغيرها قبل :"

#: propdlg.cpp:411
msgid "Account will expire after:"
msgstr "الحساب سينتهى بعد :"

#: addUser.cpp:55 propdlg.cpp:727
msgid "User with UID %1 already exists"
msgstr "المستخد م الذى لة UID %1 موجود بالفعل"

#: misc.cpp:52
#, c-format
msgid "Can't create backup file for %1"
msgstr "لااستطيع أنشاء ملف احتياطىلل %1"

#: misc.cpp:120
msgid "File %1 does not exist."
msgstr "ملف %1 غيــر موجود"

#: misc.cpp:126
msgid "Cannot open file %1 for reading."
msgstr "لااستطيع فتح ملف %1 للقــراءة"

#: misc.cpp:132
msgid "Cannot open file %1 for writing."
msgstr "لا استطيع فتح ملف %1 للكتابة"

#: usernamedlg.cpp:13
msgid "Enter username"
msgstr "ادخــل أســم المستخد م"

#: usernamedlg.cpp:21
msgid "Username:"
msgstr "اســم المستخد م"

#: usernamedlg.cpp:45
msgid "User with name %1 already exists."
msgstr "المستخد م الذى بأســـم %1 بالفعل موجود"

#: usernamedlg.cpp:51
msgid "You have to enter a user name."
msgstr "يجب ان تدخـــل اســـم المستخد م"

#: pwddlg.cpp:19
msgid "Enter Password"
msgstr "أدخـــــل كامـــــة الســــــر"

#: pwddlg.cpp:25
msgid "Password"
msgstr "كامـــة الســــر"

#: pwddlg.cpp:41
msgid "Retype password"
msgstr "اعــد كتـــــابة كلمة الســـر"

#: pwddlg.cpp:68
msgid ""
"Passwords are not identical.\n"
"Try again"
msgstr "كلمتى الســـر ليست متطابقة"
"حـــاول مـــرة اخــــرى"

#: grpnamedlg.cpp:13
msgid "Add group"
msgstr "أضــــافــة مجمــــوعـة"

#: grpnamedlg.cpp:21
msgid "Group name:"
msgstr "اســم المجمــــوعة"

#: grpnamedlg.cpp:36
msgid "Group number:"
msgstr "رقـــم المجمـــوعة"

#: grpnamedlg.cpp:61
msgid "Group with name %1 already exists."
msgstr "المجمــوعة ذات الأســم %1 مــوجــودة بالفعـل"

#: grpnamedlg.cpp:67
msgid "Group with gid %1 already exists."
msgstr "المجمــوعةالتىلهاgid %1 مـــوجـودة بالفعــل"

#: addUser.cpp:36
msgid "New Account Options"
msgstr "خيـــارات حســاب جــديد"

#: addUser.cpp:40
msgid "Create home directory"
msgstr ""

#: addUser.cpp:42
msgid "Copy skeleton"
msgstr ""

#: addUser.cpp:43
msgid "Use Private Group"
msgstr "مجمـــوعة المستخد م الخـاصـة"

#: addUser.cpp:93
msgid ""
"Directory %1 already exists!\n"
"%2 may become owner and permissions may change.\n"
"Do you really want to use %3?"
msgstr ""

#: addUser.cpp:98
msgid "%1 is not a directory"
msgstr ""

#: addUser.cpp:121
msgid "Mailbox %1 already exists (uid=%2)"
msgstr ""

#: addUser.cpp:125
msgid "%1 exists but is not a regular file"
msgstr ""

#: editDefaults.cpp:17
msgid "User"
msgstr "مستخد م"

#: editDefaults.cpp:22
msgid "Sources"
msgstr ""

#: nisDefaultsPage.cpp:112
msgid "Enable NIS support"
msgstr ""

#: nisDefaultsPage.cpp:183
msgid "This is the Sources Help text"
msgstr ""

#: userDefaultsPage.cpp:28
msgid "Shell"
msgstr ""

#: userDefaultsPage.cpp:56
msgid "Base of home directories"
msgstr ""

#: userDefaultsPage.cpp:65
msgid "Create home dir"
msgstr ""

#: userDefaultsPage.cpp:69
msgid "Copy skeleton to home dir"
msgstr ""

#: userDefaultsPage.cpp:73
msgid "User Private Group"
msgstr "مجمـــوعة المستخد م الخـاصـة"

#: _translatorinfo.cpp:1
msgid ""
"Your names"
msgstr "ِAyman M. Galal"

#: _translatorinfo.cpp:3
msgid ""
"Your emails"
msgstr "ayman_m_galal at hotmail dot com"