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Re: What's happening to you?

well I have been busy in work lately I should be back translating next week
and your right we only have a short time translating tell KDE3 is out..


> Salam all,
> I'm just wondering that the mailing list was almost
> inactive last week. No body posted any message (except
> me & the new member Ali Isameel), No body commited a
> single .po file except me in the last week.
> What has happened? Why is there no work?
> I would like to remind you with two things:
> 1-We have a dead line till 25 of feb. when KDE 3 will
> be realeased.
> 2-We don't want the KDE Arabization to be like many
> other abandoned Arabization projects, it has to be
> active. Where is your activity guys?
> And I also have one question, Where is Isam & Majid?
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