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Re: String in Arabic Translation of KDE

re ps: many Arabic sites inside the green line (and some times even in
the territories) have domains ending in .il, ps is almost not used as
it's very recent in existence, and the difference between Palestine and
Israel is very often done on a political or individual basis. In order
to avoid entering a loaded political debate which is not the point of
this project, and inspiring oneself from practice, for most Arabic
readers "Falasteen" at least will be the right translation if we remove
any political connotation to it. Besides, even if we put aside the fact
that the translator who graciously does the job for the benefit of all
has the last word on his own effort, the translation in question can be
very well considered correct if you want to make the distinction between
the terms Israel and Palestine, while reaching anyone without hurting
serious political sensitivities. In which case, an entry for Palestine
would have to be added in indeed.
So speaking about contexts, let's keep in mind that the intended
audience for documentation and interface translations is first of all
the Arab user in the Arab world.
I hope this clarifies things and cut any unneeded debate in that
direction for a technical project.