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Re: String in Arabic Translation of KDE

Am Freitag, 5. Oktober 2001 15:27 schrieb Meni Livne:
> Greetings,
> I apologize for posting this to kde-i18n-doc, but
> I think this is an important issue. I ask everyone
> to remain calm and not to turn this into a political
> flame war.
> I noticed that in the Arabic translation that
> entered the KDE CVS just a few days ago, in
> the file desktop.po, the string "Name=Israel"
> which is used usually in KControl's language
> list, was translated into Arabic: "falastin almuhtala",
> or "occupied Palestine". I feel this is not the right
> translation for this string in this context, and I think
> that whoever is in charge should change it. I am
> not in the position of translating into Arabic but I
> think it can simply be translated into "isra'il".
> I would also like to encourage anyone who
> wants to add an entry for Palestine (ps) to
> kdebase/l10n, to do so.

Thank you for pointing this out in such a polite way. I removed the 
respective string from desktop.po (after all it was me who added the 
file on behalf of the Arabic team).

I ask everybody once more to refrain from mixing up political 
statements with translation work. I hope we can agree the KDE project 
is about peaceful cooperation between volunteers, not about fighting 
old or recent wars in one way or another.



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