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Checking the Syntex of PO files

	It would be a great deal of help if everyone can check thier PO files before 
they commit them in ... 
	The command for checking the syntex is "msgfmt" .. it comes in the gettext 
package and runs under linux .. you can get this package from the ( 
http://www.gnu.org ) it is a part of the GNU project .. 

	The most common sytex error that exists is a missing qoute ( " )at the end 
or begining of an msgstr .. or having it doubled .. another common mistake is 
missing an \n in the beging or the string or t the end of it ...

	You can use the ( --statistics ) with the msgfmt to get statistics about how 
many messages is translated, and how many is left ..
Good Luck Translating

			Isam Bayazidi
			Amman- Jordan