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Re: Yudit text editor

On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 01:45:52AM +0000, Mohamed kebdani wrote:
>  It isn't ready yet. Look at this:
>  http://webserver.iam.ma/~kebdani1/divers/yudit.png

Ah... grab beta10 ;) those should be fixed.

(except for the cursor position -- alignment).

>  I think that alkatib is the best unicode text editor in this time under 
> Linux.

Al-Katib is not a suitable text editor for the simple reason that only alkatib
can read what it saves. That really renders it useless outside the realm of
experimentation with shaping with Qt.

The files saved need to be in the utf-8 encoding, which makes it readable by
just about any application that claims any i18n support. The same applies for
say, the PO files. They need to be in utf-8 encoding.


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