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Re: wincvs1.3 and http tunnelling

On Sun, Dec 02, 2001 at 10:54:57PM +0000, Abdullah wrote:
> My answer is:
> I installed wincvs 1.3 Beta It didn't work.("wincvs
> 1.3 generated an error and will be closed....bla bla
> bla")

This was because we were running an older version of cvs (1.10), and it caused
incompatibilty issues. This issue has been resolved. WinCVS 1.3 should work
just fine.

> Now when I chose login I get that message in the
> console bar
> "NEW CVSROOT: anoncvs at arabeyes dot org:/home/CVS (password
> authentication using a proxy)
> cvs login 
> (Logging in to anoncvs at arabeyes dot org)
> cvs [login aborted]: proxy server :8080
> does not support http tunnelling

Why do you have a proxy server setup to begin with? Remove any mention of
proxy servers. If this is something you are doing from work you might want to
consult your system administrator about that. If this is some form of
restriction from your ISP then you need to contact them. 

This has nothing to do with our cvs pserver.

> Where is the problem?? I hope that the problem is me
> so you can fix it by kicking me out of your wonderful
> project.

You are not part of the project to kick you out of it anyway, and with this kind
of attitude, I don't see how you can contribute with anything positive.

If you want help, give us enough information so we can try to help, but don't
complain for the sake of complaining. I haven't personally used WinCVS and I
recommend that you download the Cygwin shell
(http://sources.redhat.com/cygwin/). It comes with a cvs client which is a
port of the original unix version. That is what I use when I'm on a Windows

Information that might be helpful are things such as:
1) ISP (so people using the same isp might have solutions for you)
2) Type of network
3) Rest of the configurations you have setup that are not part of the
instructions (like the proxy for instance).

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