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Re: [developers] A new Project, Ghalatawi, An Arabic AutoCorrect,

Assalamo alaykom,

The share bar on the bottom of the page is programed to share:
"قاموس التدقيق الإملائي العربي، Arabic  open spellchecker http://ayaspell.sf.net"
which is error, it should been customized to share:
"غلطاوي، التصحيح التلقائي العربي Ghalatawi:َArabic AutoCorrect http://ghalatawi.sourceforge.net/"
or something like that.

2011/3/8 Taha Zerrouki <taha dot zerrouki at gmail dot com>
A new Project, Ghalatawi, An Arabic AutoCorrect,
AutoCorrect (Text replacement, Replace as you type) is a software function commonly found in word processors such as OpenOffice.org/LibreOffice. Its principal purpose is to correct common spelling or typing errors, saving time for the user. It is also used to automatically format text or insert special characters by recognizing particular character usage, saving the user from having to use more tedious functions[cf. wikipedia].
The common errors in Arabic, are confusion between Alef forms ( Alef with Hamza, Alef without Hamza), missig the Yeh dots, and missing the Teh-Marbuta dots.

This Project aims to construct a word list and a list of regular expressions for Arabic auto-correction.

   * AutoCorrect for word processors like OpenOffice/LibreOffice
   * Huge content site Autocorrection, like Wikipedia.
   * Writres and translators assitantance .
   * Corpora Autocorrection.


   * َArabic AutoCorrect word list for OpenOffice.org
   * Text format word list ًZipped
   * Ghalatawi script, to autocorrect words by using regular expressions and word list ًsource code

Developer mailing list
Developer at arabeyes dot org

عبد المنعم كوكة
Abdelmonam Kouka