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[developers] HTMLDOC No Arabic Support

asslamu alaikum

iam came here to inform you about ' htmldoc '  its amazing tool to convert HTML to PDF , and its powerful

i use it to convert many HTML pages  in one click :)  , please check  this sample : http://i1u2.info/pup/doc/EN/Serial-HOWTO/Serial-HOWTO.pdf

BUT ;  i get BIG problem when i try to convert Arabic pages , i get unreadable PDF files , :(

|| Lets take  Example || : 

this is arabic post in LinuxAC forum  : http://www.linuxac.org/forum/showthread.php?t=18095

and this is  PDF version converted by HTMLDOC  , -  as you see its  UNREADABLE  - :    http://i1u2.info/pup/tmp/LinuxAC-howtmakepdf.pdf

i hope you fix it :)

:: Best Regards   ::

SattaM ALotaiBI 
                Gnu/Linux Arab community  
                GPG key : http://www.i1u2.info/pup/key