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[developers] [Stellarium] BiDi support

Dear devolopers
I've been quit busy lately trying to find some one to fix this problem.

The problem is related to many bugs about the Bidirectional script support.

The program fails to display bi-directional text correctly. For example,
the Arabic  word West (غرب) should be spelled ghain (غ) raa (ر) baa (ب)
from right to left. The program displays the Arabic text in
the main view (the sky) in the opposite direction.

Here is the respond I got from a developer:
I built the latest SVN, and it seems to support Arabic well except in
the main view (the sky), all other dialogs, tooltips, etc. shows Arabic

I guess those places where Arabic is shown correctly are rendered by QT
while others are rendered directly on opengl (or some thing like that).

khaledhosny at eglug dot org

so I wonder where is the problem.

Usama Akkad