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Working on Quran project

I started working on the Quran project a week ago. I was finally able to get libquran to work with qtquran yesterday. I had to mess around for a bit to make everything work on openSUSE 10.2. I might write a little document explaining how to install everything in more proper way than the documentation exists now. The current documentation caused me some confusion and that might be because I haven't worked on Linux for development in a long time. Any way, I listed some points that I would like to get some feedback on:
  1. I did not encounter any compilation errors in qtquran nor libquran (latest releases available online).
  2. Please provide any documentation that might not be available online or even developer notes and TODO lists and so on.
  3. How to create text data component using the 114 xml file available in cvs
  4. Recommendations for development tools to use
  5. Any other feedbacks are welcome

Thank you, and salam,
Mohamed Badawi