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Re: Summer of Code

On 3/8/07, Mohammed Sameer <msameer at foolab dot org> wrote:
libquran for embedded be nice but the problem is that we can't create a Quran application to play audio
for the embedded systems. I guess the size'll be huge ?

We could do in more lower level than the current libquran. Let it just return the audio data along with it's mime type (it could be mp3, speex, or anything). The playing of the audio is the responsibility of the frontend, not libquran's.

In this way, people could use libquran also when they don't need the
audio data. Today they should have libspeex in order to compile.

Not sure about Hildon. Are the Nokia developers welling to integrate any Arabic (RTL) specific patches
into the maemo platform ?

They should :-) They might need to support RTL in some point.