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Re: Khotot-1.9beta1 release

On Sun, Jun 24, 2007 at 01:53:06AM +0200, Mohammed Adnène Trojette wrote:
> Please did you manage to drop the ae_ prefix from the fonts' name.
> I am using the following script to do it in the Debian packages:
> #!/usr/bin/fontforge
> # Drop the ae_ prefix in the Arabeyes fonts
> i=1
> while ( i<$argc )
>   Open($argv[i])
>   name=Strsub( $fontname, 3 )
>   SetFontNames( name, name, name )
>   Generate($argv[i]:r + ".ttf")
>   i = i+1
> endloop
This can be done easily (though we'll need to alter more variables than
$fontname), but what is the point in dropping it?

Khaled Hosny

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