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Khotot-1.9beta1 release

Long time since the last release from Khotot project (AKA Arabeyes fonts).
This is our first beta release to words our next major version; 2, we
are hopping to fix all major issues with our fonts before release 2.

This beta release features complete replacement of Latin glyphs with new
ones from FreeFonts project[1] which is released under GPL.
Also the license now include the GPL exception[2] for embedding fonts in
documents, like PDF files and so.

Get it from http://www.khaledhosny.org/files/pub/khotot-1.9beta1.tar.bz2
Please test 


Khaled Hosny

Egyptian GNU/Linux user
Member of Arabeyes team [www.arabeyes.org]
My Blog: [www.khaledhosny.org]

Support Free Knowledge [ar.wikipedia.org]

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