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Re: Quran project maintainer (Mohammad DAMT)

As for speex, last I checked, it had very poor quality! aint ogg alone good enough

/Speex is a voice codec (400hz 3000Hz frequency range)/ ,/ quran reciting is voice. I think that speex is a good choice.

All quran unziped audio files take on 211M, I don't think ogg do best.

Your can  test speex file quality on http://quran.tanyt.info/?sura=1
by clicking on aya's number i use java applet to read speex file.


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    Pada hari Sabtu, tanggal 21/07/2007 pukul 01:57 -0700, Nadim
    Shaikli menulis:

    Wonderful !!
    Thanks Nadim,

    > Thank you all for your interest; now its time to forge ahead with
    > results !
    I've put something in my mind in the wiki page:


    PS. I don't know to change from RTL to LTR in the wiki.

    Please have some comments.
    Thank you

Salam Mohammed,
I've read the wiki, sounds like a good start, but I think alot needs to be added :D. i.e. abit more detailed. I dont expect you to do this alone, get some help from others! As for speex, last I checked, it had very poor quality! aint ogg alone good enough?

Plugin sounds good, yet I have no idea how it will be like.
It's a nice idea to leave space for tafsir feature, to be added whenever.
and the xml, I dont know what you mean by binary, but agreeing on a binary format, from all member should produce a good output/structured file. Not sure if you are starting from scratch or carry on with the current one! if from scratch, consider C++, as it brings many advantages :D in my opinion of course.

if you want more comment, just ask :D, as I have a lot to say, and I hope it makes sense :)

Wassalam 3alaikum.

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