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Arabeyes fonts 1.9beta2 released

I'm pleased to announce the release of the second beta in our pre 2
series of releases. It can be downloaded from

* Removed ae_ prefix: As per Adnène's request, so ae_Furat is noe Furat
  only. This'll affect any application looking for the old font names,
  so please update your configurations.

* The most important change is the addition OpenType tables and features
  needed to get Arabic diacritics (AKA harakat) positioned properly over
  base glyphs. Currently only AlMothnna, AlMohanned and Furat suopport
  this, Afief Halumi is working on AlArabeia, other fonts will be follow
  soon. You can see some samples in http://wiki.arabeyes.org/خطوط/علامات التشكيل


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