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Re: A good vocalized font for non-Arab speakers

On Fri, Dec 21, 2007 at 05:36:05PM +0100, Bokverket wrote:
> I'd suggest SIL's Scheherazade font[1] for you, or our Simplified Naskh
> font[2] which is based on the previous font, but addresses some issues
> in it, basically Simplified Naskh has larger glyphs and replaces some
> incorrect glyphs in Scheherazade font with correct one, though it is not
> released yet as there are few fixes that I want to do before an official
> release.
> -- But do they have the wonderful diacritics placement mechanism 
> incorporated?  That's critical  (pun intended).
Yes, it has.

> I totally agree with you, I'm in the process of including more fonts
> that are suitable normal and on screen usage.
> > I wonder if someone could take a font such as Bitstream Cyberbase and
> > improve it with your diacritics tables. That font really looks very clear
> > for beginners. If only the Latin letters would be lined up with the Arabic
> > ones...
> >
> I'd like to fix it, only if it is released under a free license.
> -- How about SIL's fonts, the ones you mention? Or CyberBase. Surely this is 
> such a specialized job that all good forces must work together.  Cyberbase 
> is freely downloadable, does anyone know what type of owner Bitstream is?
SIL's Scheherazade is very carefully designed, though I made a version
based on it (Simplified Naskh) to fix that issue that I though SIL might
not be interested in fixing, I'm about to release an alpha release of
that font tomorrow. Bitstream had released several fonts as opensource,
but AFAIK, Bitstream is out of business now and that particular font is
released as a proprietary font, which makes it illegal to modify.

> > individual font designer, but there are traps. For instance, one font with
> > very long fathas has them running into the next letter.
> I'm not sure what you are talking about here, as Arabeyes fonts in
> general has very few ligatures, may be you mean substitution tables for
> initial/medial/final forms?
> -- No, as in my post a few mintes ago, I mean critical combinations of 
> letters with diacritics (bigrams).
> The waw issue is due to lack of kerning, one could use simple techniques
> like decreasing the width of the waw making its tail extend out of its
> box, but this will interfere with dotted letters like beh or yeh. The
> other issues have been fixed now, thanks for reporting it.
> -- I am not totally familiar with kerning vs. placements in Uniscribe, maybe 
> bigrams that get ugly should really be treated by the kerning mechanism. The 
> space after a waw obviously have to be decreased, yet taking into account a 
> following beh or yeh, so it's a question of some bigram combinations there, 
> too.
That is how kerning is supposed to work, I started implementing kerning
in AlMohannad, to test the font
and a screenshot


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