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AlModaqeq Design Final Decision

Alsalmo alikom All

After looking for other tools for grammer chechking , i came over an old version of LanguageTool that was written in python ,it seems that  Daniel Naber the author of LanguageTool started with the same thinking , after contacting   Daniel Naber  , according to what he described non latin language like Arabic seem to have a possiblity to be implemented  , the main idea is bearking the sentences to words and applying the grammatical laws on them , that seems to similar to the design i suggested for the python implementation

Thus i think that the choice of LanguageTool will be a good decision despite its unexpected stability , since we will be starting from the point where they started if i go through the python engine solution, thus i think the design portion is now settled , and we can start working on implementing the rules

Mohamed Elsakhawy