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Re: Prayer Time calculation method for webbased application


On 11/29/06, Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote:
--- Adnan Siddiqi <volatil3_ at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> Now I am planning for a Athaan timing calculator software. I came across ITL
> library. I have not tried it right now. I wanted to know tat did someone has
> made php/java/python based libray based on ITL or something similar so that
> I can use for web related projects? I also dont have formulate to calculate
> the timings

There have been a number of ports alot of which were post about on this list
(reminder to self, we should collect all those URLs/lists and accumulate them
in a single location).  The point that was raised a number of times is that
the ITL library is exactly that - its a library.  People should be designing
front-ends as apposed to converting the actual library and reimplementing it
in a different language.  If and when the library changes (and it does and
will) one should not re-release an application that uses it (given the API
hasn't changed, etc).

I agree on the fact that it is very hard to maintain different ports of libitl. I know that there is always a way to rely on an os/arch-dependent libitl binary in most of programming languages. But for example, if we take the java case, it's really nice to be able to have something working for every imaginable architecture supported by Java. Take the example of a java-enabled cell phone ; it won't be very easy to have something running if we rely on a backend binary version.

I also understand the sensitivity of such maintenance (especially bug
fixes). I don't want to be held responsible for people praying at the
wrong time just because I forgot to update my libitl java port.

So I think what would be nice is to have some kind of stable version
that doesn't change that much over the time and other development
versions that contain new features and non critical bug fixes. That
way, ports of the library are easier to maintain and we can make sure
that the stable versions across ports agree.
Another thing is to make public announcement on the developer mailing
list about any critical bug fixes or huge changes to the main branch.
This will help keep people up to date about what's going on and push
them to update their code.

Just my two cents thoughts on the matter..


Hope that helps and if you do accumulate the list of all ITL-based options
out there do please let us know.


 - Nadim

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