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Re: a help needed on opening the othmany font

Walikum sallam,
This is a not direct answer to your question.
I have cut-and-paste Arabic fonts ( Quranic verses ) from the internet and saved in MS doc. I have no problem in saving and opening it. I used searchtruth.com. They have Usmani and simple arabic font. though I always use simple font, not the Usmani.

On 4/19/06, MARWA ISSA <marwa_issa at hotmail dot com> wrote:

as al salamo 3alikom wa rahmat ALLAH,

please if any one worked with the .doc files or the .rtf files that contains the othmeny fonts of the holy Quran, please send the formats to me, or send how to open it using any other programming language.

as I'm using MAtlab to open the doc files that contains Quran written in the othmany font

If any one can help me, that will make me glade.

thanx in advance.


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