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Arabic wordlist for aspell is available.

Hi all,

Let me start first with a screenshot: http://www.eglug.org/arabic_spell_for_openoffice

I can say that we currently have a tiny wordlist with about 71,000 words.
It has been generated from various sources,

No affix/infix or anything yet, It can be done later.

For aspell: ftp://foolab.org/pub/software/arspell/20060329/aspell-ar-20060329.tar.bz2
for OpenOffice: ftp://foolab.org/pub/software/arspell/20060329/ar.zip

aspell-ar debs for etch: http://home.foolab.org/debs/aspell-ar/20060329/1/

I've also submitted an ITP for debian but I'm looking for a sponsor.

probably it contains some spelling mistakes and we need to extend it.

Any ideas ? thoughts ? "other than converting it NOW to affix/infix"

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