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Re: Details for TashkeelHandler

On 11/19/05, Abdalla Alothman <abdalla at pheye dot net> wrote:
> On Saturday 19 November 2005 19:48, Youcef Rahal wrote:

> > The word 'handle' is too vague here...
> It's a handler, not a handle class.

I mean it is not easy/fast to guess what the purpose of the class is
before reading the whole article. Maybe it'd be better to note what
the class is for in the abstract. That's why I asked about the word
'handle'. The class handles harakat yes, but what does it do exactly
with 'em?

> I posted the class sometime ago and there was a discussion about it.

> If I recall, there is a Doxygen file that's with the .tar.gz file, you
> can download it and create the documentation with doxygen.

My question is not related to the technical point of view but rather
to the article. Maybe noting in one or 2 sentences what is the exact
purpose of the class in the intro.


Youcef Rahal