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Re: Arabic spellchecker

arn at scs-net dot org wrote:
Would it not be interresting to contact universities studiying arabic. It could
be an opportunity for students to participate to such project ?

Sure, it would :)

I met people working on dictionnaries since 10 years, and not able to publish it
because of the cost of publishing. It can be an opportunity for them to make use
of their knowledge and be useful to the rest of the world ?

This does not necessarily have to be related to the spellchecker project, but probably would be useful with the Wordlist. Unless their dictionaries are categorized or tagged by verb types, then that would be exactly what we want.

I think you should contact the people you met, and let them know of
arabeyes' activities in general, (i.e. translation, spellchecker,
wordlist, etc...) and try to sell to them why open source
participation would be usefull/educational for the students. Don't
forget to mention google's "Summer Of Code", but without the bounty
part :)

-- Salam, Ahmad Khalifa