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Re: OpenOffice 2.0/ StarOffice 8.0

On 11/5/05, Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote:


> In the not too distant past I had suggested we gang-up on one
> project to get our collective juices flowing, I'm extending
> that idea to not only include arabbix (Mr. Rahal are you ready
> for that just yet ??) but to also consider Duali [...]

Hehehe. I like that "Mr Rahal" use ;)

Seriously, I still can't take care of it. And unfortunately, I still
can't give a possible date.

I'll let you know when it will be possible. However, I have a feeling
this may take a long time really. If anyone is willing to take the
lead on it please do.


Youcef Rahal