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Re: libquran in embedded environment

--- Mohammad DAMT <mdamt at gnome dot org> wrote:
> I have a proposal to make (major) changes in libquran, I'd like to have
> it run in a decent way in embedded environment (arm, etc). Right now
> libquran requires big memory because it loads all the quran data in
> memory (> 2Megs for arabic version alone). What I'd like to do is to get
> the data retrieved on demand. 
> The other thing is to replace the xml storage into binary storage,
> parsing the xml at startup quite takes long time at least in my arm
> device.
> What is the best to do this, create a branch in cvs?

Before any changes take place do please get M.Yousif's OK and approval
to proceed, he is after all the project's maintainer.


 - Nadim

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