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Re: Arabic Keyboad layout

Am 2005-03-25 11:27:50, schrieb maysara a:
> salam,

> There are some diffrences between the kebord layout
> used in MS systems and the ones used in linux , the
> ones i used at least , although the arabic characers
> are placed the same way in both layouts , but
> characters like [,],{,},| and probably others have
> diffrent locations , shift + س also gives a
> capital S!
> so if anyone have any idea, please let me know

Be happy... I have bought three (different manufacturers) Keybords 
in Strasbourg and the Glyphes are not on the right place...

I try to learn arabic, but with such bullshit it is not possibel.

> maysara a abdulhaq


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