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I'm very pleased to join your group. I was invited by Nadim. I met Abdulaziz 
during "Casablanca GNU/Linux Days" and he invited me too to join your group.

Nadim posted a quick description of SIRIUS and  SIRAGI projects.  

SIRIUS (http://sirius.sourceforge.net) is a dead project for me. There is no 
more developer on it. If you want to work on this project you should have a 
contact in a moroccan university to validate specifications and test 
software. I'm not more interested in developping this project since I'm 
working now on SIRAGI.

I've just updated the web page http://siragi.sourceforge.net  and it is now 
almost all in english. I hope this will give you a more precise idea about 
SIRAGI. If you have any questions I will be pleased to answer them.

I would like to see SIRAGI as an arabeyes project. So if you can add it to 
this page http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php it will be great ! If some one 
can provide me a better logo than this one 
http://siragi.sourceforge.net/logo_siragi.jpg it will be a nice too.

I don't need now any CVS since there is no really source programs available. 

Best regards


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