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Re: Arabbix's working plan

--- Mohammed Sameer <msameer at foolab dot org> wrote:
> OK, now whan of the problems I have in mind is which distro we'll
> be basing arabbix on ?
> The initial idea was to base on morphix, Morphix is a good known base, And
> is well tested, However since gnome 2.4 had problems regarding Arabic and 
> there is no morphix 2.6 module, I think I have no idea what to do.
> I won't be building our main modules for multiple reasons:
> 1) It won't be tested enough.
> 2) I don't have enough hardware to do it
> 3) We want Arabbix not to be an ISO only, But to be a set of instructions,
>    You follow the instructions and build your own version of arabbix.
> So I need advise regarding the above point.

What other options are there (have other distros been looked into for
them to actually be alternatives) ?  Has Morphix's maintainer been
probed/pinged regarding this matter (ie. Gnome-2.6 module) - what have
his comments/plans been ?

> We need,
> - Build mini modules for the arabeyes projects.

I think we need instructions on how to do this - or maybe do a project
as a showcase for others to look at and mimic.

> - Graphics.

Be more specific ?  What is it that you'd like to see - are we going
after a particular theme or ...

> - I'll be documenting the whole procedure when we start building it.

Great - finally :-)

> PS. I really hope we can discuss this on the wiki, I think I'll be
> using our historical wiki[1] for it since arabeyes wiki is not available
> now.

Arabeyes' wiki is now back online and is functional (it does now require
one to get an account from Elzubeir in order to be able to write to it

I'm not getting the sense that people know how to contribute and/or what
to pick up and do in order to help.  You might want to outline some things
as part of your planning on what you'd like to get done and see who'd
volunteer to help out.


 - Nadim

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