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Re: Arabbix's working plan

On Mon, Jan 03, 2005 at 01:34:31PM -0800, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> With Abdulaziz's recent trip to Morocco and his various discussions
> there, it has once again become blatantly apparent that our best and
> most vocal vehicle to showcase our work, to recruit and educate people
> is Arabbix [1] (surprise surprise :-).  As such what follows is hopefully
> the initiation of a discussion that needs to take place to reinvigorate
> the project's development and to bring some much needed focus and
> urgency to it (it's a collective effort and is NOT meant to address
> a select few).
> M.Sameer, as Arabbix's leader, has been kind enough to put together
> two documents to give a flavor of what to expect (a RoadMap [2] and
> an overall Strategy [3]).  What we are in need now are more foundation
> details.  What would be ideal is to come-up (collectively as this task
> does not only fall on the maintainer's shoulders although he's expected
> to drive/decide and steer) with a functional/work plan.  The plan ought
> to detail exactly what is needed and how things are to be worked out.
> Some key points/goals to remember,
>  + The plan sought after is not meant to note "we'll release X then
>    we'll release Y, etc", but instead needs to address the actual
>    laying down of the foundation/core of the distro and the means
>    of having multiple people contributing.  What needs to be done ?
>    How are we going to CVS these modules ?  How are we going to put
>    all these things back together ? etc.
>  + We don't want to repeat this process if/when people move on and so
>    documenting everything and sub-dividing the work is essential and
>    a key goal of the project.
>  + What is paramount is the establishment of a "working plan" and
>    documentation in lieu of pushing for a release ("its the process
>    not the conclusion" that matters).  If the process is sound the
>    conclusion will come for free.
>  + Accommodate as many people that are interested in helping out this
>    project as possible.  Inclusive not exclusive.
>  + Enable everyone to _build_ their own customizable ISO from smaller
>    modules that people contribute.  Having a X.Y release that people
>    will rave about without having the necessary means for others to
>    replicate said work from scratch is pointless.
> Constructive feedback, comments, suggestions ?  Was anything missed
> or passed over ?
> How to proceed ?
> [1] http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php?proj=Arabbix
> [2] http://cvs.arabeyes.org/viewcvs/projects/arabbix/doc/ArabbixRoadmap.txt
> [3] http://cvs.arabeyes.org/viewcvs/projects/arabbix/doc/ArabbixStrategy.txt
> Salam.
>  - Nadim
Sorry for my late reply.

OK, Now whan of the problems I have in mind is which distro we'll be basing arabbix on ?

The initial Idea was to base on morphix, Morphix is a good known base, And is well tested, However since gnome 2.4 had problems regarding Arabic and there is no morphix 2.6 module, I think I have no idea what to do.
I won't be building our main modules for multiple reasons:
1) It won't be tested enough.
2) I don't have enough hardware to do it
3) We want Arabbix not to be an ISO only, But to be a set of instructions, You follow the instructions and build your own version of arabbix.

So I need advise regarding the above point.

So what we need other than this point:
Build mini modules for the arabeyes projects.
I'll be documenting the whole procedure when we start building it.
Am I missing something ?

Ideas ? tips ? criticism ?

PS. I really hope we can discuss this on the wiki, I think I'll be using our historical wiki[1] for it since arabeyes wiki is not available now. But I have to ask Alaa 1st.

[1] http://linux-egypt.manalaa.net/

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