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Refocus idea

During our recent evolution/birthday party a great idea came
forth to note how we could revive everyone's interest and be
more productive - hopefully :-)  The idea is rather simple in
principle as it simply notes that the more interaction people
have (in our immediate community), the more potential fun people
will have and the more productive we all can be.  Seeing others
being productive and actually getting things done is also a very
helpful and encouraging booster and a motivator.

In short, since we are few in number a call is being put forth to
collect all available bodies to work on ONE project at a time.  The
idea is once we get results and we can garner some external interest
which will raise attention - it would also bring a new bread of
volunteers.  A number of those at the party thought it was a great
idea given a grand or a BIG impacted project was worked on (fixing
issues within Mozilla, OOo bugs, other high profile bugs, Wine,
specifying Bidi control character behavior, etc).  Tackling the
ability to export a proper Arabic PDF document was suggested and
after various conversations it was noted that it will be tackled
later on (say in Oct or there abouts - read the party logs for more
details [1]).

Another serious suggestion that got traction was our need to concentrate
on Arabbix and since it is a showcase that can generate a flurry of
interest especially at various events (like the upcoming Gitex for instance)
it was highly suggested that we concentrate on that for the time being
until we further progress with the idea.  So at this point, this is what
is being suggested and we'd like to see what others' reactions would be.
We are very serious about this approach and really want to give it a try.
We also want to seriously encourage everyone to think about this in depth
and to also note that anyone with even an hour of development time should
help out by setting aside what they are doing to lend this collective
effort a much needed hand.

So who can we count on ?  Keep in mind that this will be a learning
opportunity for all of us - so no pre-existing knowledge/experience
is required, just the right intentions and a commitment to attain the
outlined goals.  This is not meant to replace your projects and/or
interests but is meant to give back a bit and to contribute to the

BTW: if you missed the notice about the party, make sure to subscribe
     to the ultra low traffic 'announce' mailing-list [2].

[1] http://cvs.arabeyes.org/viewcvs/ae_admin/irc/irc.party_jul2005?rev=HEAD
[2] http://www.arabeyes.org/mailinglists.php


 - Nadim

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