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Re: Duali Status

--- Ahmad Khalifa <ahmad at khalifa dot ws> wrote:
> To sum up, I need help on these topics. M.Elzubeir your thoughts would
> be invaluable here :)
> - To re-port from scratch, or not to re-port from scratch
> - Port as a MySpell dictionary ? or Aspell ? or Standalone
>    spellchecker ?

I would highly recommend that you look into and possibly contact
aspell's author to see if what is required within Duali is possibly
portable to aspell.  I'm not familiar with either application yet
there seems enough commonality (at least in principle) and if at all
possible we should always work towards integrating into the most
popular application out there.

> - Can the current dictionary be converted to MySpell's affix format
>    dictionary ?? (Im still looking into this one)
> - How complete is the current dictionary dataset ?

I'll leave the rest to M.Elzubeir.

Thanks for looking/thinking about all of this - do please keep it up.


 - Nadim

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