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Re: Cups testing ...

Munzir Taha wrote:
Ok I did as you said and also convert my cour.ttf font to pfa using the command line:

ttf2pt1 -e -a -F cour.ttf cour

i use ttf2pt1 -e -l plane+0x06 font.ttf that way it only converts the 0600 to 06FF range. the -a flag, theoretically should work, but it didnt work for me.

nothing changed. Still can't see the Arabic text. Have I run the command with correct switches?

I can't execute ttf2pt1 unless I am root though

most of the time i run as root, but i remember i ran it once as a regular user after i compiled and installed it.

anyway, the patch will undergo some changes, feel free to track this
issue, but after the changes are done i dont guarantee it'll still be there, although i suspect it wont go away.

thanks a lot for your time.