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Another useless time-wasting reply

From: Behdad Esfahbod <behdad at cs dot toronto dot edu>
I don't mind people redoing wheel from scratch, bug I appreciate
that if Arabeyes mentions these shortcomings when sending patches
containing minibidi to external projects, including but not
limited to, cups and PuTTY.

umm, arent you going to the other side ?? lets have a nice cold-war. email me privately, i'll give you CUPS' and PuTTY's contact info.

Note that there is a better joining implementation already in

why do you say its _better_ ? care to give us the usual list of short comings ?? i bet you used a table of all Form-B chars, while minibidi only uses Isolated Form-B chars, and calculates the rest of the shapes from a property byte. so minibidi SAVES MORE RAM than yours.

heh, beat that !!!

this is better than "PlayStation 2". lets have more of these threads
in here.


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