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Re: CUPS testing - With harakat!!!

good news, the reference file ar_utf8 is sometimes showing harakaat in the 
right place though not always by any means. However, there are some problems, 
amongst other things sometimes the alif of hamzat alwaSl is missing. I'll 
email you the .ps file it's generated.

Also, and this may be a problem in the reference file, hamzat ulwaSl in 
alfaatiHa is showing as hamzat ulqaT` maftooHa in alHamd and hamzat ulqaT` 
maksoora in ihdinaa .

The file from aljazeera worked to an extent but then caused a segmentation 
fault. It may be as a consequence of me removing the part of the patch you 
suggested be removed.


On Saturday 15 May 2004 18:56, ahmad khalifa wrote:
> >From: abdulhaq <al-arabeyes at alinsyria dot fsnet dot co dot uk>
> >the CUPS patch is working here (using texttops) with a very simple utf-8
> >file,
> >do you have any large files for me to try it on? Email it if you do
> phewww, good news. thanks abdulhaq.
> the usual file i test most things on is
> http://www.arabeyes.org/~nadim/ar_utf8
> a better source of arabic text is
> http://www.aljazeera.net/
> save any page as text and test.
> and guess what, the patch i commited 30 minutes ago handles
> harakat :-)) so they should be appearing fine (few bugs around).
> i uploaded a screenshot of CUPS doing harakat, Ossama should
> be moving it soon to the CUPS folder (should i mail Ossama ?!?!)
> ak.
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