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Re: CUPS testing - With harakat!!!

From: abdulhaq <al-arabeyes at alinsyria dot fsnet dot co dot uk>
the CUPS patch is working here (using texttops) with a very simple utf-8 file,
do you have any large files for me to try it on? Email it if you do

phewww, good news. thanks abdulhaq. the usual file i test most things on is http://www.arabeyes.org/~nadim/ar_utf8

a better source of arabic text is

save any page as text and test.

and guess what, the patch i commited 30 minutes ago handles
harakat :-)) so they should be appearing fine (few bugs around).

i uploaded a screenshot of CUPS doing harakat, Ossama should
be moving it soon to the CUPS folder (should i mail Ossama ?!?!)


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