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Re: CUPS screenshots !

From: abdulhaq <al-arabeyes at alinsyria dot fsnet dot co dot uk>

it's a good start. I noticed that joined characters such as alif + laam are
taking two spaces rather than the one. What's the problem with the harakaat?

abdulhaq, Ossama Khayat didnt see the arabic text, if you dont mind can you also test to confirm this problem ?

if you mean ligature LAM+ALEF, well, the LAA is put inplace of the LAM
and a space is put inplace of the ALEF. that could be easily fixed in CUPS,
not like PuTTY where it needed a lot of hacks.

if you mean ALEF+LAM, as in 'AL', well nothing is wrong with that !!!
overall, the screenshot looks ugly because the font is not monospaced.

the problem with harakat is that they're treated as single space chars, not
'NSM' or that they should ride the previous char.
in CUPS (unlike PuTTY) this can also be easily fixed
i asked the CUPS guy, and he said there is no plan for composing chars in
CUPS-1.2. i think the points that need fixing/extending are

1. the character structure (lchar_t) should contain a pointer to a list
    of composing chars. [filter/textcommon.h]
2. the input loop should fill the pointer in one with the composing chars
    as it finds them. it needs to know which are composing chars.
3. the postscript output loop should also check the pointer in 1.

---the above is for logging, in case i dont get to it !!


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