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Re: CUPS screenshots !

From: Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com>

--- ahmad khalifa <ahmadkhalifa at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> i have uploaded a screenshot of GGV displaying a
> .PS file generated by CUPS here,
>   http://art.arabeyes.org/uploads/cups_patched

Cool - nice work although the gaps need to be solved.
I think you noted that those gaps are there due to the
font file you used, right ?  If so can we get ANY help
from someone that can solve such issues ?  Anyone ??

yup, the font is the problem. we need a monospaced or typewriter font !!!

> the file is nadim's ar_utf8 after i removed all text
> containing Harakat, because guess what !!!
> Harakat are very much messed up :-O

Is that something solvable ?  In other words, does the CUPS
developer know about this limitation and is there a plan to
deal with them (ie. to include 'em).

will do as soon as i get a reply to the patch. its been a week now and nothing from him.

BTW: I promised I'll look into this (as a tester) and I will, I've
     just been inundated with network problems and lack of access
     to the internet (not to mention a newly installed freakin
     proxy which I'd love to get around).

inundated <-- "busy" is much easier for the *ghalaaba"


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