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Re: PuTTY Testing

--- ahmad khalifa <ahmadkhalifa at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> From: Behdad Esfahbod <behdad at cs dot toronto dot edu>
> >On Sat, 27 Mar 2004, ahmad khalifa wrote:
> >
> > > the page says  -10% CHANGE -> EGNAHC -10%
> > > but both putty7 and putty6.5.2  do this: EGNAHC %10-
> > >
> > > so which one is correct ? which one does FriBidi do ?
> >
> >FriBidi does EGNAHC %10- too.
> phewww.... thank you very much...
> so its safe now to assume that that page is wrong, or at least
> outdated... :)))

I would, again, recommend you download the reference code and go
by that as a golden model - that is a more correct approach.
> nadim: i guess i wont try that test file at that page, because the
> results would be different.

I continue to see value in comparing against the Unicode reference
code as that is _the_ golden model (else the spec is incorrect).

> nadim: howz pinging simon ? should i try it for a change ?

Sure, go for it - but I would recommend doing it once EVERYTHING is

> i finished the checkboxes, just need to do the patch and upload
> the .exe... the code is also very messy, so it will need lots of
> cleanup...

Well, I would suggest we ping simon & co. post the following issues
getting fully addressed and solved,

 a. Fix all crashes (if any remain)
 b. Fix any Bidi issues and that dancing ':'
 c. Add the appropriate buttons to disable shaping and bidi
 d. Clean-up the code to where you are comfortable with it
    being consumed publicly.
 e. Have an idea of (but not fix) what can be done with regard
    to that space after LAM+ALEF combining so we can engage
    Simon in a dialog to fix it post patch inclusion (ie. how
    best to undisplay a character location in visual mode).


 - Nadim

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