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prayer time calculation


i'm trying to put together a php-implamenatation of the prayer time calculation
algorithm. So far i'm in the status of testing the algorithm in matlab (so i get
familiar with it).

i'm having the following problem:

the equation of time is calculated correctly (graph seems to be right), but the
Solar Declination isn't. It seems to be right (the graph over one year has the
right geometry) but the values are totally wrong.

Then i tried to set the Solar Declination statically from some other prayer time
calculation software (today: D=2.295833;). Still this way, i've a problem with
my prayer times: There are some Imaginary parts:

Fajr: 11.7977 + 0.1449i
Shuruq:  11.7977 + 0.1549i
Dhuhr:  12.0071
Assr: 12.0798
Maghrib: 12.2166 - 0.1549i
Ishaa: 12.2166 - 0.1449i

i thought perhaps some of the guys who are working on ITL could give me some
hints to what it could be?

thnx in advance.