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Re: my Bidi implementation

You can always travel in time using CVS.  Looking at ChangeLog,
seems like 0.1.11 is a good candidate, otherwise you need to ask
Owen and Omer.

I have nothing special against that.  But, another solution I can
think of is to give explicit permission on an specific version of
the code, to be redistributed in binary form with PuTTY,
something like that...  Roozbeh, what do you think?

Other than that, Dov, feel free to do everything, you are the
father afterall ;).


On Sun, 14 Mar 2004 dov at imagic dot weizmann dot ac dot il wrote:

> I checked my old archives yesterday and I found that I still have
> the very first releases of fribidi where I was the sole contributor.
> I personally have no problem releasing these under a putty compatible
> licence. It would save Ahmed some work if he didn't have to
> reimplement this. I think it would be good to rename the sources
> though so that there is no confusion with fribidi.
> Do you have anything against it, Behdad?
> What it would give you:
>    * A complete (but probably somewhat buggy) implementation of
>      the implicit unicode bidi algorithm.
>    * No support for explicit overrides (but, hey, would use those
>      in a terminal emulator!)
>    * Less than optimal speed wise. No sophisticated lookup (neither
>      two-level nor nine-level. ;-)
> Regards,
> Dov