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Re: my Bidi implementation

> i have a quick question...
> for a string that looks like this:
> the paragraph level is 0...
> all capitals are odd level types (i.e type AL or R)
> is this the correct level array..??
> 0000011110111101111

No, I think it should be like:

you are right... but, where does the space get the level 1..? it says at the top of UAX#9 that spaces get the level of the surrounding text... but which rule does that...?

in the (Xn) rules, spaces get levels of 0 because there are no
explicit embeddings...

in Rules (In) it deals with strong characters and numbers only
thats why ASDF gets the level of 1, and the space remains
at level 0...

in rule (L1) it doesnt deal with spaces between strong
character types...

to conclude, no rule states what to do exactly with WS
between strong character types (i.e R, AL, L)...
is it left to the implementation? i dont think so...

its logical enough to parse any sequences of WS and give
them the highest level of the nearby runs, or give them the
type of the nearby runs, but is that the standard way..?

any ideas what im doing wrong..?


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