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Re: A question please ?

On Tue, 2004-03-02 at 09:16, Eng. Mina r. Fahmy wrote:
> Hello , i need to ask only if your developing group has a relation to 
> Dr.Saleh Elshehaby Project (Ninja).


No, we have no relation with Dr. Elshehaby (but most certainly wouldn't
mind it).

> Second i need to ask if there is a main project that all of you share 
> it and work in together , 

I don't think you spent enough time on the Arabeyes website ;) Arabeyes
is a "meta" project. Browse through the website and check:


> how can i help if there ..is and what about the
> idea if there isn't already one .. ? really i hope that there is a big
> developing
> project that we can work in it together thanks 

I think the above 2 links should be a good starting point.

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