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d-i work -- slang

I popped into #debian-boot to see how the Arabic inclusion was going
and was told that its there (ie. done),


Woohoooo - very cool.  I then noted that its "pretty close, yet shaping
issues remain" (note some gaps between characters).  I spent some time
with 'vorlon' and he seems to have taken the perl code (which was turned
into C by M.Sameer) and modified it further (or "simplified it" as he put
it).  In case someone is interested in looking at his code (I'll try but
my computer time is limited these few days) he notes it can be found here,

  17:56 <vorlon> For the code, please see
                 http://people.debian.org/~vorlon/d-i/bidi/ -- slang-bidi.diff
                 is the diff, or the whole source package is also available.

He can be reached at - 'vorlon -at- debian.org', do please CC 'developer'
on any correspondence.  Let's try to correct this "d-i" poster-child of
missing status and nebulous work.


 - Nadim

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