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Re: Fribidi and shaping

On Sat, 5 Jun 2004, Anmar Oueja wrote:

> Hello Behdad:
> I am very glad you are finally doing the shaping patch. I  have been
> jumping through hoops and all trying to constantly explain the need for
> seperate shaping code in addition to Fribidi.
> Thanks for getting back on it and getting it done. can you commit to a
> certain date as I need to know so I can coordinate that with the debian
> installer people ? if you can't how about a week of june ?

I will finish this week.

> What impact the shaping code will have on projects that use fribidi and
> implement their own shaping code ?

Well, I'm not quite sure yet.  I like to turn shaping on by
default, so they probably find their shaping code redundant.  But
I may simply deprecate the old interface and leave it intact.

> Let us have that discussion so people are aware of the changes to fribidi.

Discussions from my side will be done on fribidi at freedesktop dot org
list.  Anyone interested is welcome to subscribe right now.  The
list is very very low traffic.


> Thanks
> Anmar
> Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm completely against this patch which imports Arabic specific
> > code into the mplayer code base.  The functionality is going to
> > be implemented in GNU FriBidi instead, and that's the place it
> > belongs too.
> >
> > The GNU FriBidi with Arabic Joining/Shaping support will be
> > released this month. If you don't buy my promise on the release
> > time, go on and add shaping support to FriBidi, but not mplayer
> > please.
> >
> >
> > Behdad Esfahbod
> > GNU FriBidi maintainer
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