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Re: Backspace in BiCon (a bug?)

 --- Munzir Taha <munzirtaha at newhorizons dot com dot sa> wrote: 
> On Yaum al-Jumma 15 Rabi` al-Thaani 1425 01:45 pm, Muhammad Alkarouri wrote:
> > hi,
> >
> > Can anyone confirm if the backspace is working correctly in BiCon or not?
> >
> > Please do the following test:
> >
> > Test 1:
> > execute bicon as 'bicon sd' then enter
> > 'السلام' then enter backspace then
> > enter the letter 'م' again.
> you mean touch سلام  ?
> or just the word سلام
> in case of the first, done.
> in case of the latter case I got the output
> bash: سلام: command not found
> which proves the BACSPACE is working properly here.

So it is working internally. In terms of visual appearance what happens?
Using the word صبر for example. In my machine if I press the letters ص then
ب then ر then BACKSPACE then ر I see on the screen رصب that is the last
character is not linked to the ones before, no shaping. If I try to write an
Arabic word and then move using arrow keys the output is even worse.

> > Test 2:
> > execute 'bicon sd' then execute 'cat' then enter
> > 'السلام' then enter backspace then
> > enter the letter 'م' again. press the return character and report the
> > output.
> no output which means (depending on the first scenario) the BACKSPACE is 
> working properly.

What I meant is that under bicon use the command cat with no input or output.
What will happen is that if you key in any characters then pressed enter the
characters will be typed back to you in the screen. Try inputting the same
sequence of characters including the backspace and report if the next output
line is the same as the previous.

> Karouri, don't ask for more tests or i will send you more bugs ;)
> here is one: copying and pasting an Arabic test from bicon to other 
> applications will get the characters reversed.

Don't worry. I have already enough bugs at my disposal:) Please do me this test
again. I need to know if it is a specifity in my machine or everywhere.

By the way, please do the above tests in the console mode not in an x terminal.
The bugs under an x terminal are so different than those under console mode
that I usually think of them as seperate products.

Muhammad Alkarouri

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