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Re: [PATCH] MPlayer Subtitles Arabic Shaping Support

Mohammed Yousif wrote:
On Thursday 03 June 2004 14:48, Ahmad Khalifa wrote:
btw, i took a look at the patch, im guessing that your shaping
breaks on transparent chars (a.k.a NSM). you might want to look into
 How is that?
 About 1/4 of this code is for handling transparent characters :-)
 But if you mean transparent characters not in ISO-8859-6, then
 yes, it will not shape but this is not bad because it makes less sense
 to use a transparent character not in ISO-8859-6 inside an Arabic word
 and still expect it to shape (umlaut, for example, shouldn't be inside
 an Arabic word and if the user added it there then he/she shouldn't
 expect it to shape GI/GO :-)
 But if you mean another thing, can you please give me a sample?

oops, you're right, i was looking in the wrong place. whats GI/GO ??

 There is another issue (but not related to the shaping code).
 It's that mplayer draws transparent characters with their own
 width and thus causes any Arabic word that has harakat to be
 disconnected a bit for every haraka (but still shaping is correct).
 I didn't bother fixing that anyway because it is only a subtitle.
thats right. some people deal with these issues as if they were
religious beliefs, but in the end its "only subtitles". now you can
watch your favourite movie with subtitles instead of wasting time on
super-compliance to specs.

 You can come to Zagazig again? hehehe, you are a very strange person :-)
 It will be more logical if I come to Cairo and take 'em. I use Slackware but
 I still need Mandrake 10 because people ask for it here.
 Thanks, I will let you know when I decide to go to Cairo.

OK, You come to Cairo this time.... :))