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Re: Bidi-less Applications Patching Policy

On Tue, 1 Jun 2004, [iso-8859-1] Muhammad Alkarouri wrote:

> Effectively today, I am suspending my membership in Arabeyes. I
> understand I am currently responsible for some issues which I
> would like to clear up. I will be delightful if somebody could
> take the maintainer job at BiCon as we need at least one
> maintainer. As for the Distros project, I prefer Munzir to
> continue with some help from you. I will probably fork BiCon
> some time in the future to support my library, if need arises.
> Sorry Behdad, we all know it's your baby. This will be outside
> the Arabeyes framework. I will probably get one or two
> documents about Fedora in the MAPS style. I will be thankful if
> Arabeyes can still host those.

Sorry Muhammad, well, don't know what's the regulation for
becoming or leaving Arabeyes, but I probably leave Arabeyes one
of these days.  I will go over it in depth later.  Right now I'm
quite busy with GNU FriBidi, after that I should clean up and
release FarsiTeX.  Mainting these two is enough of maintenance.
And then there's the Sharif FarsiWeb, Inc. that I have to spend
more time on, and oh, my Masters degree.  And if I can take care
of these all, I like to get more involved in the GNOME project.

While I will contribute to BiCon as I have already done, I don't
take the maintainership, at least not right now.  Ok, more later.
So you are leaving the list?  I've got to write you a few lines
about your Unicode project.

Next week guys, there's lots of mails I've got to answer on this

> Salam,
> Muhammad Alkarouri