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BiCon imported to CVS


I imported the BiCon code to CVS an hour or so ago. There were a few
other things I would have liked to do before importing but the Internet
connection today has been flaky so I didn't want to be the bottleneck
and went ahead and  imported.

I have changed a whole bunch of file/dir names as well as some
variables, etc. No change to the actual code.

It compiles fine with me (but as mentioned before, I couldn't get it to
actually work, since I seem to be missing 'something').

Some things I am not clear about, before we go on to create a project
for is the following:

1. Who will be main project lead for BiCon? I can see Karouri assuming
the role, yet he keeps saying he is out of commission (is that Karouri's
way of saying, 'no strings attached' ? ;)

2. When do we declare the demise of Akka? With the first release of
BiCon, with the creation of a BiCon project page or now?

3. Who will be contributing to BiCon regularly? I know I plan to, any

For now, the code's in CVS
(http://cvs.arabeyes.org/viewcvs/projects/bicon) and I hope you all
enjoy ;)

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