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Re: bicon

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, Nadim Shaikli wrote:

> Behdad, as noted, could you please look over the new code and give your
> blessing so that we can kick-off this project and import it officially
> onto Arabeyes' CVS (and create a project page, logo, etc, etc); under
> GPL license finally :-)
> Salam (and thanks Mr. Alkarouri for your continued efforts).
>  - Nadim

Hi all,

Well, I see absolutely no reason not to check it in CVS as soon
as possible.  Thanks Mr Alkarouri the replaced code looks fine.

Random things:

* I propose to use the name as "BiCon" in text and "bicon" in

* FriBidi is written this way.  To be fixed in readme files.

* HISTORY and some more files need lines to be wrapped.

* The Readme.License says that there is BSD licensed code.  File
can be removed to be later replaced by something like LICENSE.

* On naming:  fjoining can become simply joining, or
bicon_joining.  Same for fconsole.

* bjoin.c does not sound good to me.  Something like bicon_read.c
would be good enough.  The idea is to remove this fcon, acon,
bcon thing ;).

* While it makes cleanly, 'make distcheck' fails.  Don't know

* in configure.ac, package is still named 'farsi'.   And also,
'make dist' makes a tarball for you Mr Alkarouri :).

* I just run bicon in my gnome terminal and the output is fine.
Just that it ruins a ZWNJ character.  I would figure it out

* Over time we should port the fucntionality of 'farsi' to bicon.
I mean the options, etc.

* Is arab.kmap.gz simply a copy of Persian layout for now?  If
not please put your name.  I don't think I have designed an
Arabic layout yet ;).

* Well, on a second thought, better we rename bicon.c to
something like bicon_shell.c or like that.  I mean, we should
reserve the main 'bicon' name for the thing (shell script /
whatever) that loads font/keymap/.. and finally runs the filter.
Don't know.  suggestions please.

Again, let's check in to CVS so we can all work there.